Saturday, July 23 welterweight Jose Benavidez Jr (24-0, 16 KO) will face Francisco Santana (24-4-1, 12 KO). Here’s my candid Q&A with the boxer who definitely has something to prove.

You’ve come a long way since defeating Herrera and moving up to welterweight. What has been your biggest career challenge since moving up?
“I haven’t really had a lot of time at this weight class yet, in terms of having a challenge. I’m more comfortable at this weight, and I feel like I will be even more successful at welterweight than I was at super lightweight. I treat every fight as if I’m fighting for a world title. I don’t underestimate anyone.”

A lot is expected of you due to your pedigree and what you’ve been able to accomplish in the ring. How do the high expectations motivate you?
“It motivates me because I get to fight on these big cards. I get to fight on pay-per-view. I’m motivated because I get to showcase my talent and all the hard work I have put in this camp. I had a great camp, and I can’t wait to be one of the best fights that night. I’m ready to fight right now!”

Photo Credit: Mickey Williams/Top Rank

More on changes Jose has made to his training camp and his views on women in boxing here.

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