I happen to be a writer who speaks sports into cameras and microphones.

Champ_Book_CoverI co-wrote the memoir of my dear friend Tasha Robinson-White, Right Hand to the Champ:13 Lessons that Changed My Life. In it she recounts how working with the champ profoundly affected both her career and life. She was a part of his inner circle and became a friend of his family.

For the better part of twelve years, Tasha Robinson-White relished the chance to link her passion and profession, and an opportunity to earn a comfortable living for her family. The lines indelibly blurred as she became intricately involved in Floyd Mayweather’s business and personal life. In a first of its kind account from his inner circle, this book will answer the questions Floyd Money Mayweather fans have been dying to have answered.

Although readers will be granted access to the most successful and controversial boxer in recent years, at its core, Right Hand to the Champ is about a smart, ambitious, thoughtful woman who helped Floyd Mayweather become the champ in business that he is today. Tasha shares a wrenching personal and heartfelt story of a woman in the world of entertainment. After enduring the near implosion of her own marriage, and the most tumultuous working experience of her career, she’s finally taking a new turn on her life’s journey and focusing on herself.


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