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Deconstructing the Roster in Youth Sports

This week thousands of parents and siblings will find themselves perched on a hill behind the outfield of Howard J. Lamade Stadium. The iconic seating arrangement in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania will once again be descended upon during the Little League World series (LLWS). It isn’t the most comfortable seat in the house. It is the most comforting though. Siblings slide

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Pieces of a Champion: In Defense of Gabby Douglas

Everybody seems to want a piece of a high profile athlete. A piece of their personal lives. A piece of their success. A piece of their failure. Not to mention a piece of their bank account. So many pieces are pecked away until all that remains are exactly that-pieces. Gabby Douglas is a 20-year-old, Olympic gymnast who despite her accolades

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A Royal Mistake

So, the Cavs had a party with their pals known as the whole city of Cleveland. C’ept it was nationally televised and LeBron James IS an international superstar. Everything he said was part of the broadcast and quickly spread throughout social media. As he went down the line and commented on each of his teammate’s contribution to winning the championship, he cussed.

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Right Hand to the Champ: PT 1 An Ordinary Mom’s Complex Journey with Boxer Floyd Mayweather

Quite a bit has been said about the women Floyd Mayweather surrounds himself with. His often volatile relationships with ex-girlfriends, and mothers of his four children have made international headlines. We’ve even been exposed to the “sister-wives”, an outrageous entourage of mostly strippers, who have been seen doing washing the champ in his personal bathtub, and rolling blunts on Showtime’s

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My First Baby: How understanding fastballs prepared me for an RBI in life

If you spend more than five minutes with me inevitably my affection for the New York Yankees will make its way into the conversation. As detailed in a previous post, the Yankees are the source of One Of The Greatest Loves Of My Life. My Granddaddy indoctrinated me to listening to baseball games on the radio just after my seventh birthday.

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Martin Luther King Jr. understood sports to be an important bridge to change. His public friendship with Jackie Robinson, more private relationship with Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay at the time) and support of the Olympic Project For Human Rights in 1967 tied King to three critical voices in sports history. The man never needed to step onto a field of

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