I happen to be a writer who speaks sports into cameras and microphones.

CassandraC (1)Hey there! I’m Cassandra Cousineau, “The Sportsnista”, a woman who is a fan as much as a student of many sports. I’m a mom, a writer, and a fool for free samples. Born and raised in a small town in upstate New York where I had chickens, hogs and a backyard garden, I grew up watching and listening to games on the radio. I’m a New Yorker, so yes, I’m a Yankee fan who also happens to bleed Carolina blue.

You’ll hear a lot about sports from me, but mostly about how I source my life from the field of play. I’m passionate about youth sports in particular; as my perspective on the games I enjoy is heavily influenced by what governs my everyday life. I became a first time mom in my 40s to three little beasts who I refer to by their nicknames Pookie (Isabelle-1), Nings (Braxton-2), and the bestest stepson in the West, Bink (Wiley-8). Their dad, Philip is a St. Louis native who gets even less sleep than I do.

I’m a country gal at heart with a great deal of affection for sunlight, the driving force for my move out West to Los Angeles. Moments I experience during the magical journey of life will find its way into The Sportsnista talk (Especially my quirky love of free samples). I try to keep posts high on smarts and low on snark. Sometimes, I meet the bar I set for myself, and sometimes I just don’t. After all, life isn’t practice, it’s the greatest game of all.

Check out the the book I co-wrote Right Hand to Champ: 13 Lessons that Changed My Life here


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