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It doesn’t take a village

What has transpired in the USA Gymnastics program isn’t about gymnastics. It’s not about gymnastics culture, or even sports. It’s about protecting children, being decent and that shouldn’t be too much to ask. As with any institution its culture isn’t an insular thing. A significant number of adults had the same information to remove a pedophile from the ranks dating

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Claressa Shields is the two-time Olympic gold medal winner. The first American boxer to do so. She surprised the world at 17 to capture the championship in London. At 21, she was the heavy favorite in Rio. The middleweight made a statement right away as her opening fight was stopped at the end of the third by way of TKO.

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Pieces of a Champion: In Defense of Gabby Douglas

Everybody seems to want a piece of a high profile athlete. A piece of their personal lives. A piece of their success. A piece of their failure. Not to mention a piece of their bank account. So many pieces are pecked away until all that remains are exactly that-pieces. Gabby Douglas is a 20-year-old, Olympic gymnast who despite her accolades

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A Matter Of Conscience

Just a few weeks ago Baylor University was forced to finally address how it systematically scapegoated, hid and bullied “in conduct that could be perceived as victim blaming” by being exposed through an investigative report facilitated by law firm Pepper Hamilton. A mountain of evidence finally seeped out of the small Baptist school in Texas. Among the most disturbing claims,  Sam Ukwuachu, a dismissed Boise

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What Gets Rewarded Gets Repeated

A disturbing pattern of young women who were sexually assaulted by football players and other collegiate athletes has been met by infusing education into the conversation. As if educating victims on how to not be raped will solve the problem. There’s ample evidence to show how sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking has been overlooked and flat out dismissed on college campuses. Yet, sexual violence

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