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The I in Team

So, as it turns out there most certainly is an I in team. For the most case, sports teams have defined positions for everyone. Pitcher, catcher, goalie, quarterback, point guard, etc.. and it usually all makes sense- until it doesn’t. As reflected in the case of a Los Angeles high school girls basketball team whose unsanctioned support for breast cancer awareness got

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Dean Smith 1931-2015: Dignified Man of Substance

Former North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith passed away on Saturday, and there’s a lot to say about his life. Smith, who was 83, without question belongs on the NCAA coaches Mount Rushmore. During his 36 years at the helm at Chapel Hill he won two national titles, guided the team to twenty-seven national tournaments and 11 Final Fours. Before retiring in

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Textgate: Cleveland Browns’ GM faces possible fine, suspension, loss of draft picks

The Cleveland Browns are having an interesting off season. Earlier this week we learned that their backup QB will be entering rehab “to deal with his life.”  For now, Johnny Manziel won’t be calling any plays for the team. But, the guy who was, their GM Ray Farmer may no longer be either. A league source confirmed a story that a

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Pete Carroll and the Curious Case of the Guy Behind the Guy

By now everyone with a cable/internet package has seen a replay of Malcom Butler’s goal line interception. If Butler brilliantly jumped the route to grab the slant intended for Ricardo Lockette, the Seahawks coaching staff brilliantly disregarded a basic football credo: “Just Win, Baby.” Thank you Mr. Al Davis. Statistically, the slant pass wasn’t the worst decision on second down.

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