Textgate: Cleveland Browns’ GM faces possible fine, suspension, loss of draft picks

brownsThe Cleveland Browns are having an interesting off season. Earlier this week we learned that their backup QB will be entering rehab “to deal with his life.”  For now, Johnny Manziel won’t be calling any plays for the team. But, the guy who was, their GM Ray Farmer may no longer be either. A league source confirmed a Cleveland.com story that a loss of a draft pick and other possible sanctions are still on the table.

An NFL investigation is expected to be wrapped up later this month and will make public the actual infractions and consequences.

Cleveland.com notes that among the allegations is a coach’s complaint that last month Farmer was texting play calling instructions during a game. If found to be true, the Brown’s GM would be in clear violation of NFL rules disallowing electronic communication to the sidelines. Former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has been leaked as the coach in question. Head coach Mike Pettine has confirmed he spoke with the league. However, declined further comment.

Farmer 40, is one of seven minority Gms in the league. He became the Browns’ first African American GM after he was promoted from assistant general manager last year.

UPDATE: Ray Farmer was suspended without pay for the first four regular-season games of the 2015 season for his violation of the NFL’s electronic device policy. The Browns have also been fined $250,000. Cleveland will not lose a draft pick.

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