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Right Hand to the Champ: Part 2 Work Spouse

Tasha Robinson-White was born in Saginaw, and raised in East Lansing Michigan. She benefited from a rock-solid support system in that she was never intimidated to change, or try something different. Working for Floyd Mayweather tested everything she was raised to know was right and decent. Tasha Robinson-White had already spent ten years of her professional life working with super

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A Sporting Event Ritual With Great Meaning

Sporting events run deep in rituals. We sit, stand, chant, and move in some sort of way that’s related to the game we’re watching. For instance, when Anaheim’s Corey Perry scored his third in game goal, his “hat trick” was acknowledged by way of a few hundred hats thrown from the stands to cover the ice. Players and coaches are notoriously superstitious about

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5 Sporting Event Songs That Haunt Me

Sporting events are productions. Plumes of smoke, morsels of rainbow colored confetti, and pulsating choruses ensure the fans remain engaged in the action throughout the course of the game. Classics like Take Me Out to the Ball Game and The Star Spangled Banner have transcended every generation of American sports fans. For the NCAA it’s all about One Shining Moment. Originally written for the

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