Are You Renting or Owning Your Life?


Becoming a mom in my 40s signified the beginning of many things. Beyond the obvious of parenthood, I shed the idea of renting and decided that I was going to own my life. I refused to believe that I was born to send monthly checks and live by a schedule imposed by people I did not know.

So, what does renting your life actually mean? For me, it meant that there were bills to pay and a job to do-everything revolved around those acts. Those things need to happen since people I dwell with like eating food under a roof. Yet, they aren’t the driving force for how I experience my journey.  Admittedly, after Nings was born I was in a fog for about a year. I found out I was pregnant with Pookie around his 1st birthday. So, I had to see beyond that fog with urgency.

I promised my children that we’d travel outside of the country before they were ten. I’m wading into the pool here. I also promised them that I’d let them eat messy food in the car. Lawd help us.

My desire to become an owner of my life was the impetus for The Sportsnista.  The blogs are sometimes whimsical, but mostly the execution of my plan to be present and find a way to really love and appreciate this gift of existence. After all, life isn’t practice, it’s the greatest game of all.

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