One of the most unique boxers in history is yet again rewriting his legacy. Manny Pacquiao, 38, is planning to fight later this year, just three months after announcing his retirement, ESPN reported on Tuesday. We last saw Pacquiao in a one sided victory over Timothy Bradley that completed the trilogy of fights between the two. Following a unanimous loss to Mayweather in what amounted to the greatest Pay-Per-View heist in sport’s history, Pacquiao’s torn rotator cuff appeared to be completely healed returning the pugilist to impressive form. He’ll train mostly in the Philippines in order to adhere to his responsibilities to the Senate.

Having ascended from a fifth grade education to holding a seat in the Filipino Senate, Pacquiao doesn’t need to box again to be considered as one of the most accomplished athletes in any sport. His comeback, even though he never really left, substantiates the assertion that few actually retire from the sport. Most have the sport retire from them.


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