That Mommy Life

You know you’re about that mommy life when you haven’t showered and you need to leave in 17 minutes in order to get to work on time. Except you can’t because everybody is bat shit crazy in your house. Today, they conspired to be fools all the same time of course. I didn’t even pee until I got to work.

  • Bink needed a fruit and vegetable added to his lunch. I cut up an apple with one hand. (Pookie refused to be put down) and left the skin on. Fruit, fiber, done.
  • Daddy-“Your booty looks really good today.” Yes, half of my cheek is hanging out because these shorts used to fit before I was pregnant for two years.
  • Nings has a cold and is a snotty mess. It’s my fault that he comes up and wipes his face on whatever I’m wearing. I don’t always get up for a tissue when there’s a nicely, crumpled piece of clothing near by.
  • After I managed to shower, Pookie planted a face full of oatmeal on the shoulder of my black shirt. I DID NOT CHANGE!

I’m about that mommy life…

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