I happen to be a writer who speaks sports into cameras and microphones.

Both Nings and Pookie are obsessed with Bink’s iPad, and my iPhone for that matter. Whenever they get the opportunity to get in his mix and touch an-ny-thing on the screen they pounce. The first time I saw them swipe my phone it felt like an episode of the Twilight Zone. Wouldn’t that be a fun episode to see a blurry, black and white, image of the first baby swiping it’s tiny digits across a handheld screen? It’s an event that really did change the world. I started thinking about a few other things that didn’t exist when I was my kids’ age. All are things that each kid identifies by brand too!

5. Google

4. Starbucks

3. Selfies

2. iAnything-Pods, Phones, Pads, etc..

1. Blog!


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