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Today, I Was That Mom

Today, I was that mom who woke up at 4:00am and swore I’d get everything done. Today, I was that mom who exercised in the living room while trying to cook breakfast. Today, I was that mom who sighed about the weight and lack of exercise. Today, I was that mom who had to do one-more-thing before we left for soccer camp. Today, I

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Right Hand to the Champ: PT 1 An Ordinary Mom’s Complex Journey with Boxer Floyd Mayweather

Quite a bit has been said about the women Floyd Mayweather surrounds himself with. His often volatile relationships with ex-girlfriends, and mothers of his four children have made international headlines. We’ve even been exposed to the “sister-wives”, an outrageous entourage of mostly strippers, who have been seen doing washing the champ in his personal bathtub, and rolling blunts on Showtime’s

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Right Hand to the Champ: Part 2 Work Spouse

Tasha Robinson-White was born in Saginaw, and raised in East Lansing Michigan. She benefited from a rock-solid support system in that she was never intimidated to change, or try something different. Working for Floyd Mayweather tested everything she was raised to know was right and decent. Tasha Robinson-White had already spent ten years of her professional life working with super

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Daddy Daycare the New Stay At Home Mom

Teamwork is important to our family. Even the ones who still pee in diapers have a position to play. As any parent will tell you, raising children requires regular sacrifices for the sake of the greater good. You-do-what-ya-gotta-do -when-ya-gotta-do-it. For Philip, taking one for the team has meant the stability of our family. As referenced in the December 2011, the Census Bureau, one-third of fathers

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