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My First Baby: How understanding fastballs prepared me for an RBI in life Pt2

I wish I could summarize how this happened in some sort of a wit filled, pithy post. It just wasn’t easy. It was work to modify my schedule and really understand how to unconditionally love a child who wasn’t my own. Forget dating, we were in outright parent mode. In the interest of full disclosure, the relationship with his mom wasn’t

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Parents are no longer able to ignore the billow of information on brain injuries associated with youth sports. We’re not just talking about concussions. Consider this, a Purdue research study compared changes in the brains of high school football players who had suffered concussions with the brains of players who were concussion free. They found brain tissue damage in both. Players

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A Matter Of Conscience

Just a few weeks ago Baylor University was forced to finally address how it systematically scapegoated, hid and bullied “in conduct that could be perceived as victim blaming” by being exposed through an investigative report facilitated by law firm Pepper Hamilton. A mountain of evidence finally seeped out of the small Baptist school in Texas. Among the most disturbing claims,  Sam Ukwuachu, a dismissed Boise

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What Gets Rewarded Gets Repeated

A disturbing pattern of young women who were sexually assaulted by football players and other collegiate athletes has been met by infusing education into the conversation. As if educating victims on how to not be raped will solve the problem. There’s ample evidence to show how sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking has been overlooked and flat out dismissed on college campuses. Yet, sexual violence

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Right Hand to the Champ: PT 1 An Ordinary Mom’s Complex Journey with Boxer Floyd Mayweather

Quite a bit has been said about the women Floyd Mayweather surrounds himself with. His often volatile relationships with ex-girlfriends, and mothers of his four children have made international headlines. We’ve even been exposed to the “sister-wives”, an outrageous entourage of mostly strippers, who have been seen doing washing the champ in his personal bathtub, and rolling blunts on Showtime’s

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