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Sometimes You Win. Sometimes You Learn.

As adults, we’re tasked with managing anger and behaving maturely even when the moment is asking for an expletive. Sometimes, we succeed in doing so. Sometimes. For the young women representing Atlee, Virginia, in the Little League World Series softball tournament, the moment got away from them. The team responded to smack talk on the field with a Snapchat featuring

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Pieces of a Champion: In Defense of Gabby Douglas

Everybody seems to want a piece of a high profile athlete. A piece of their personal lives. A piece of their success. A piece of their failure. Not to mention a piece of their bank account. So many pieces are pecked away until all that remains are exactly that-pieces. Gabby Douglas is a 20-year-old, Olympic gymnast who despite her accolades

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I have a great deal of affection for Minor League Baseball. MiLB ballparks provide one of the few family friendly sporting outings in the country. Growing up in the Northeast, I was able to attend a handful of Pawtucket Red Sox games. McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, wasn’t the place I could wantonly wear Yankee gear to the park. However,  I was fortunate enough to

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Parents are no longer able to ignore the billow of information on brain injuries associated with youth sports. We’re not just talking about concussions. Consider this, a Purdue research study compared changes in the brains of high school football players who had suffered concussions with the brains of players who were concussion free. They found brain tissue damage in both. Players

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A Royal Mistake

So, the Cavs had a party with their pals known as the whole city of Cleveland. C’ept it was nationally televised and LeBron James IS an international superstar. Everything he said was part of the broadcast and quickly spread throughout social media. As he went down the line and commented on each of his teammate’s contribution to winning the championship, he cussed.

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What Gets Rewarded Gets Repeated

A disturbing pattern of young women who were sexually assaulted by football players and other collegiate athletes has been met by infusing education into the conversation. As if educating victims on how to not be raped will solve the problem. There’s ample evidence to show how sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking has been overlooked and flat out dismissed on college campuses. Yet, sexual violence

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